1887 -In Denver, religions leaders founded the "Charity Organizations Society", the first "United Way" organization.
1919 -Rochester, NY used the name Community Chest, a name widely adopted by United Way Organizations and used until the early 1950's.
Through a vast network of volunteers and community services agencies, United Ways throughout America help meet the health and human-care needs of millions of people every day. United Way's history is built on the proven effectiveness of local organizations helping people in their own communities.
United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties

  • Began as the Oneonta Community Chest
  • Late 1970's -- United Way of the Greater Oneonta Area
  • 1989 -- Incorporated as the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties, Inc.
  • 1995 -- United Way began funding specfic programs rather than entire agency budgets
  • 2005 -- Annual Needs Assessment that shaped impact funding strategy.
  • 2006 -- Board of Directors adopted impact funding model that was based on needs assessment.
  • 2010 -- Needs Assessment updated.